Little Melton Parish Council

Parish Meeting 2014

There will be discussion of matters relating to the building of 60 new houses for which outline planning permission has been granted.   The applications can be seen at -
Planning application for 20 houses at Gibbs Close - enter reference 2012/1836
Planning application for 20 houses at Mill Rd - enter reference 2013/0086
Planning application for 20 houses at Ringwood Close - enter reference 2013/0092

The following topics have been suggested for discussion -

  1. Traffic
    1. 20mph limit for Mill Rd
      1. Position of speed restriction measures (humps, tables)
      2. Change of priorities at VH T junction
      3. Review of priorities and signage at chicane
    2. Monitoring operation of roundabout
    3. Discouragement of rat running and area wide traffic plan for Hethersett/NRP
    4. Cycling facilities for children travelling between home/school Hethersett and LM - both directions
    5. Better signage for lorry route to prevent lorries entering Green Lane and then having to continue on
  2. Drainage.   SNC are to review the drainage issues relating to the development at Mill Rd
    1. Divert  Mill Rd development water away from Mill Rd to join the exit pipe at southwest boundary?
    2. Pipe under Anglia water works cannot be rodded
    3. Flooding at VH hall end of Mill Rd - ditch needs to be deepened where pipe exits into ditch and pipe jetted from Ringwood
  3. Housing
    1. Proposed mix/design of housing subject to detailed planning approval
    2. are any suitable for the elderly?
  4. Play areas
    1. Contributions for young children's play equipment - £34,000 per development
      1. What to spend it on? 
      2. Are there conditions? 
      3. What age range?
      4. Time frame - not till half of houses occupied
    2. Open area at each site for older children - 400m*2
      1. What to do with it, how to involve residents, don't want to have to provide a dog bin per area!
        1. Community orchard?
      2. PC to adopt or leave to SNC ?- (Hi John,

Good to speak to you earlier, regarding the amount of commuted sum payable by the developers to maintain 400sqm of grassed area, this would equate to roughly £160 pa x 10 years plus inflation, estimated at £2000 approx.

Regards Gary Howard, Technical Manager, South Norfolk District Council)

  1. Section 106 Money/CIL - priorities - how much?
    1. Contribute to cycle path?
    2. VH long term maintenance?
    3. Toad migration tunnel to mitigate effects of extra traffic?
  2. Gas provision to village
  3. Faster Broadband - Fibre to the Cabinet