Little Melton Parish Council

Greater Norwich Development Partnership

Since the election of the coalition govenrment in May 2010 some of the targets that were set by the previous government have been overturned,  as of September 2010 it is not clear what will replace these targets - the rest of this page is retained for reference and will be updated when the way forward becomes clearer.    Please also see the LDF page.

The GNDP website explains the process that has led to the current proposals for where development is to take place, in accordance with government targets.

As far as LM is concerned, the main impact is that Hethersett is scheduled to receive 1000 new homes.   LM is scheduled as a Service Village and is expected to receive between 10 and 20 new homes - though this could be exceeded as there is a need to provide 1800 new homes on 'smaller sites' within the South Norfolk sector of the Norwich Policy Area.

In March 2010 a development company called Ptarmigan Land held consultation exercises and has put forward an outline plan (New Vision for Hethersett) for 1140 houses  in Hethersett.  The company is also proposing to provide a large area for business use near to UGS.  The developers have included some measures such as cycle routes to mitigate the effect of increased traffic but as both the housing and commercial areas are built around Little Melton Road and Burnthouse Lane there is a serious risk that LM could become the northern route out of Hethersett.   Large developments planned for Cringleford, Wymondham, Attleborough and the dualling of the A11 will all put pressure on Thickthorn with the consequent risk of rat running through LM.  Building would start in 2013 and continue to 2021.

These  plans are only in the outline stage and will be subject to South Norfolk Council granting planning permission.    It is possible that other developers may submit different plans.

In 2009,  LM PC actively campaigned against proposals for over 4000 homes at Hethersett and public opposition led to a reduced allocation of 1000.   The PC is aware that even 1000 houses is much more than many people would like to see but only the  national government  is in a position to redefine the objectives of the GNDP.  LMPC will press for measures to prevent the village becoming a through route for private and commercial traffic.  People attending the 2010 Parish Meeting were of the opinion that LMPC should press for the smallest possible number of houses at Hethersett, even if that would not provide funds for road improvements to reduce the impact of traffic on LM.  Some people think that the PC should have no dialogue with potential developers and should not offer opinions on development plans.   The PC believes that we have to have a dialoge with developers in order to safeguard the interest of LM residents.  Please use this  survey  in order to inform LM Parish Council how you would like us to respond to development plans that are put forward for Hethersett.

LM PC has included a cycle track on the recent Highways wish list and is working with Hethersett PC in order to achieve a safe cycle route to the high school and to the employment areas at the UEA/NRP

The previous GNDP page on this site has been retained here, for reference.  Some of the links are still useful.