Little Melton Parish Council

Background to the Cycle Path Campaign

The Parish Council has been asked to campaign for a safer route for children to cycle to school at Hethersett.  Both the existing routes are narrow roads without speed restriction and are used by lorries and commuter traffic.   Little Melton Road has many water filled potholes.   The PC is also concerned by the additional traffic that will come through LM as a result of the 1000 new homes that are likely to be built soon in Hethersett and would like to see more people able to cycle to work in order to reduce traffic levels.   

Many people who responded to our survey, reported that they had moved to Hethesett or LM in the expectation that they could cycle or walk to work at the hospital/UEA.   They were disappointed to find that the roads are too dangerous and that they have to use their car and add to the local congestion and pollution.   The PC would like to see a high quality, off road cycle route that links Hethersett and Little Melton to the Norwich Research Park (NRP), Hospital and UEA .  There is already a good cycle route from the UEA into the centre of Norwich.    A group met in September 2009 in order to define a manifesto - click here to read.   

Two of the pictures below were taken recently in Jersey where there are many off road cycle paths and many people cycle to work in St Helier.

Cycling to school in Jersey Cycle path in Jersey, well separated from the road Cycling from LM to Hethersett School, children forced onto wrong side of road by deep puddles
School trip in Jersey jersey off road path Puddles in LM road

 If you wish to help with the campaign or just keep up with the latest developments then please join our Google group at
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