Little Melton Parish Council

Village Directory

The April 2012 PC newsletter contains an article about advertising in a Village Directory.   The intention is to build on the existing Organizations and Services section of this website to provide a directory of both not for profit and commercial services that have a strong connection with the village.   The directory will also be issued in printed form twice a year.   The PC hopes that  the directory will be useful to villagers and that it will promote local businesses without the need for fly posting.   Listings in the directory will be free for not for profit organizations and £5/yr for commercial organizations.   Fees will be used to cover printing costs and to fund improvements to this website in order to offer an improved directory facility.   Not for profit orgs can also provide event posters to the Clerk to be displayed on the 4 Parish Noticeboards. 

To be included in the directory, the organization should have a strong connection with the village.   They could be based in or within a few miles of the village or they may hold regular events in the village or they may offer services specifically for the village.   The PC reserves the right to accept or decline submissions.  

Please provide the following information to the Clerk - with fee if commercial - see Contact us for address.

  • Name of Organization
  • Purpose or nature of business
  • Contact details to be included in directory
    • Email address
    • Website URL
    • Phone number
    • Address
  • Name of the person who is submitting the directory details and email and phone number if different from the above (will not be made public) - in case of questions about the submitted details.