Little Melton Parish Council

Wildlife Group


·         Education – members sharing their skills and experience

·         Recording of species found in the village

·         Conservation and provision of habitat

Projects and meetings

Please see the Calendar for current activities

·         Helping toads, frogs and newts to reach their breeding ponds safely during the early spring.

·         Increase available  habitat – eg find sites for owl and bat boxes

·         Roadside verges flora – record and improve

·         Bat detection evening

·         Moth trapping

·         Gardening for wildlife and composting

·         Garden walkabouts

·         Early morning bird walk

·         Identification fora

·         County visits for wildlife – butterflies, dragonflies etc

·         Winter talks


We are keen to help people to make their gardens hospitable to wildlife and will be adding more information here soon.   Please use these links to see information about projects that you can do.   Please get in touch if you need advice.


Peter Kitchener                -    Tel 814134