Little Melton Parish Council

PC Facilities - Play Area

The play area was created in 1995, thanks to the hard work of a small group of people, some of whom still live in the village.   Twenty years of British weather and active use by many children had taken its toll and it is opportune that all new housing developments have to provide funds for local play facilities.   Although the money will not be received from the developers until the developments are 50% occupied, the PC has been able (in March 2017) to use existing funds in order to replace some of the oldest  equipment and to improve the experience for older children.  Children at the school were consulted and the new equipment is shown below.    
Later in the year it is planned to lease a further plot of land from Great Melton Estates (who kindly provide the playing field land for £0.05 per year!) and to install a practice goal near to the tennis court.   This will save wear and tear on the main pitch and on the tennis court netting - which recently had to be replaced, partly due to people kicking balls into it!

Please record an observation  if you visit the play area - even if there is no problem (it can take 10 minutes for an observation to appear below and you will have to refresh the page).  The insurers require that it is inspected weekly - see notes and records. 

Play area overview